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So Carrefoure Amman has a time machine

Yesterday, or rather last night, the 31st of May 2009, I realized that a time machine has been invented sometime ago (or sometime in the future :-) ? ) and has been in use in Carrefoure Amman.

I was checking out the chicken breast offers that they had, and I noticed that the items on offer looked a bit old, so I took a glance at the production date, and realized it was made today 1st of June 2009. And since it wasn't today yet, as it was still last night, I was shocked.

I decided to check that I am looking at the production, not expiry date. Of course, this is because I really want to make sure the date was correct and hence the deduction of the use of a time machine.

And to my shock, it was indeed 1st of June 2009.

Of course I was so excited, I nearly peed my pants (or at least thats what I say). I told everyone I know that there is going to be time travel soon, and made all kinds of predictions about how its going to be "when would you like to go today?" instead of "…