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Hitler responds to the iPad

This is epic grade comedy!

We are Avatar

So just came back from Avatar 3D. Recommend you go watch it ASAP.

Avatar is Pocahontas in that it addresses the immoral more powerful civilization destroying another civilization to get the resources which they sit on top off!

It is also the concept of Gaia, in that everything is energy and all life forms are only brief manifestations of that energy.

Avatar also has the best 3D graphics known to man. I loved it and I am not impressed easily with graphics anymore. That however is an old story.

And the acting. 3D models did a much better job of acting than the actual actors. The voice acting didn't feel like voice overs, and emotions felt genuine and impassioned.

Now for the real point.

Standing there after the movie and looking at my tweep friends, I couldn't help but notice the analogy. We are the real world humans that met in the twitter world. We knew each other although we really just met. We are Avatars.

I wonder if anyone else noticed this.