I exist!

This is a bloglet just to prove that I still exist.

Here is a little story about my iPhone and fixing it. I broke my iPhone and fixed it a couple of times, until at one point I couldn't anymore.

I made the mistake of assuming that the connector on the main board was broken, when in fact it was the LCD and it just happened that the two LCDs I tested were already bad. But thats not the story.

I went to a local shop to replace the connector, and they quickly tried an LCD that they knew was good and it worked. And I bought that LCD.And that is still not the story. The story so far sounds like a story of good service and unexpected expenditure.The story however is that of deep disappointment and once again shot down expectations.

Bad attitude would be an upgrade for the guys at M3 7th Circle, they are definitely rude and a possibly a little stupid.

The worst part is that there is no business oportunity there. My opening a shop there with a better quality of service and better representatives services no purpose at all, as the average customers cares only about the financial bottom line and not at all about the quality of the experience, in my opinion.
What to do?


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